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Get the Inn-side Scoop on Mackinac Island

Three generations of Island Haans coming together to give you the best Mackinac Island experience.  Feel free to call or email ( for more personalized recommendations.  It is our greatest pleasure to make sure you have the best Mackinac Island vacation.

The Mackinac Island Checklist

If you haven't been here before, or its been a while, and you're just trying to get the bullet points, start here.  To get the inside recommendations, click each item for more details, or click here for an actual check list of must-see, must-do on Mackinac Island.


Bring your own or rent one when you get here, biking is the typical way to get around on the island.


The reason Mackinac is the tourist destination we know today is because of the island's dedication to preserving the past.


Really - a whole category for Mackinac Island fudge, it's that big of a deal.


Either by carriage or horseback, there are many ways to enjoy the island's resident horses.


My favorite place to go for a walk in the woods.  

Natural Landmarks

Limestone formations, caves, interpreted nature trails - Mackinac abounds with interesting sites in the woods and on the shore. 


You could spend a whole day shopping downtown if you wanted, but we have a few tips to narrow your search if needed.

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