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by Brad Haan


During our last stay at the house, I spent much of our time shooting all the wonderful Island scenes I could. From those thousands of images, I have chosen these as the best of the crop.

Click on the photos and they will open in a new, large window. If there is one you see that you would like, please send your request to

The Red Tugboat
Island Bike
Early Morning Downtown
Mission Point Gazebo
Harbor & Fort
Little Stone Church
Island Ferry at Dock
Dock Carts
Top Deck
Chrome Bike Fenders
A Mossy Tree Catching Light
Yellow Sail Covers
White Sailboat in Dark Water
Four Horses On Break
St. Anne's
Red Stripe Reflection
Resident's Porch
Indian Dormatory
Mission Church
Water Reflections
Adirondack Chairs
Carriage Line
Flag & Gull
Wonderful Wharf
Tranquil Lake
Courthouse on Market
The Grand
Carriage Horse Team
Town from the Hill
Crystal Clear Waters
Forest Road
Flowers in June
Yellow Bike
Busy Shop Windows
Market Street
Dockside Windows
White Horses
Market Street Horses
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